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Have you ever sat down at the park to relax and never wanted to leave? That's the bench experience we want you to have with our products. We plan, design, and build all aspects of your seating experience. CSF Inc. will create your dream with a range of materials, shapes, and styles.

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Bike Racks

Let's create bike racks where people want to park their bikes. We take into consideration all the factors such as security, functionality, and the beauty of the bike rack. We already have a range of designs and love creating new ones to match your landscape.

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Perimeter security is imperative - and we make it sleek and functional with our bollard products. Bollards can be retractable or they can even have benches built into them. We can also make custom sized bollards to your specifications. You may have seen our work at the World Bank and IMF buildings in Washington D.C where we launched our flagship bollard benches.

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Take a seat, enjoy the view! We embrace the art of seating - whether you're looking for individual chairs or for something with a little more spice - we make it all! CSF Inc. takes your inspiration and makes it into a sitting reality.

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Let us create your parasols. We can't promise that your landscape will turn to magic like in Mary Poppins but we CAN promise that it'll transform your outdoor experience for your visitors. We can create a range of custom sizes, shapes, and designs for your sun-protection needs!

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Let's plant the seeds of something great! We use high quality materials so your landscape will be the focal point for years to come. We can specifically craft planters to mesh with your existing landscape and at all shapes and sizes!

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Hold on to the railings! We design and craft any type of commercial railings for your business. This includes both fencing and railings, we can custom-design any type of railing that you imagine or if you already have a design in mind then we can manufacture it!

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Trash bins don't have to look like trash! We thoughtfully design receptacles to be stylish yet functional for our clients. We can build them with a range of materials, colors, and patterns tailored to your project.

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Let us create your outdoor commercial tables! We have plenty of pre-chosen designs and we always love creating custom tables - if you have something in mind that you've seen before but want something better, we will make it! If you're looking for more of a sustainable approach, we can create solar-powered table sets (checkout our past projects!).

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